Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil


Summary: True Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil   
Product Form:  Liquid  

Cinnamaldehyde Content:    
Specific Gravity:   
Dimension: x oz glass bottle   
Extraction Method: Steam distillation   
Usage: Cooking/ Pharmaceutical/ Therapeutic

Country: Sri Lanka   
Cultivation Type: Organic/ Natural  

Storage: Cool dry place  

Shelf Life:  

Minimum Order Quantity:    
Payment Method:    
Supply Type: Exporters/ Suppliers/ Wholesalers/ Retailers/ Manufacturers

Method: Air/ sea   



Authentic Ceylon Cinnamon - This is 100% pure Ceylon cinnamon ( Cinnamomum zeylanicum or Cinnamomum verum ) product, which is native to the island of Sri Lanka. 

Bark Oil - Ceylon cinnamon Bark Oil is steam distilled from cinnamon Tree Bark. Only fresh and clean cinnamon Bark that has been meticulously picked for the steam distillation process results in the highest grade Ceylon cinnamon Bark Oil. 

Greater Cinnamaldehyde Content - Consist with a minimum of 75% Cinnamaldehyde. The higher the Cinnamaldehyde content, the higher the quality. Cinnamaldehyde is responsible for the distinctive cinnamon fragrance and characteristics. As a result, we have gone to great efforts to source the best grade Ceylon cinnamon Bark Oil available. 

Exclusive Fragrance and Flavor -  This has a pale golden tint with a warm and delicate exotic perfume. Ceylon cinnamon Bark Oil has a highly refined and elegant aroma, especially when compared to Ceylon cinnamon Leaf Oil. It refreshes and reduces the feelings of depression, faintness, and exhaustion.   

Premium Quality - This product is made entirely of natural ingredients and has been cultivated and processed according to the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and standard regulatory requirements.    

Versatility - It's ideal for aromatherapy and culinary seasoning. Just one drop added to a hot beverage offers all the strength of Ceylon cinnamon with a very mesmerizing fragrance. Discover how to utilize it correctly, both internally and externally, and it will reward you. This would make an excellent Christmas present. Nothing shouts Christmas more than the aroma of cinnamon. Perfect for diffusing during Christmas gatherings to lift everyone's happy mood.

Refined - No natural or artificial flavors, Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), or other preservatives, additives, or any chemical enhancers are blended or infused in this product. Not mingled with any other varieties of cinnamon; As a result, True Ceylon cinnamon's valuable medicinal qualities have not been marred.   

Ultra Low Coumarin Content - Ceylon cinnamon Bark Oil contains very less Coumarin (1,2-benzopyrone). As a result, it is acceptable to consume without undue concerns.   

Positive Health Benefits -  Cinnamon Bark Oil has anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal. anthelmintic, antidiarrheal, antidote, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti putrescent, aphrodisiac, astringent, carminative, digestive, emmenagogue, hemostatic, orexigenic, parasiticide, refrigerant, spasmolytic, stimulant, stomachic, vermifuge properties. 

Safety - Ceylon cinnamon Oil is classified as safe in the FDA's database of essential oils under the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) category. Ceylon cinnamon Bark essential oil is relatively non-toxic; however possible irritant because of the greater concentration of Cinnamaldehyde in the oil. It might irritate, redden and burn delicate skin, so use with caution (no more than half drop per bath for example). Avoid using it in cosmetics and when pregnant. Discover about the qualities and applications of essential oils. Before using, consult a skilled source for indications and contraindications. Keep out of children's reach.

Packaging - Our attractive and safe packing under hygienic environment to meet food safety requirements keeps essentially the contents fresh, good tasting and flavoring.   


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