Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


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Summary: Sri Lankan Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 
Product Form: Oil 
Country: Sri Lanka 
Cultivation Type: Organic and Natural 
Type: Glass Jars/ IBC Totes/ HDPE Jars/ Plastic Pails 
Volume: Glass Jars - 200ml, 300ml, 500ml, 690ml, 1000ml/ IBC Totes - 920kg/ HDPE Jars - 500ml, 1000ml/ Plastic Pails - 4l, 20l  
* Customer packaging recommendations are also accepted. 
Storage: No refrigeration is required. At temperatures exceeding 24'C, the oils will stay fluid. 
Certificates: USDA organic, Fairtrade, BRCGS food safety, JAS, Non-GMO verified, Kosher, Sedex, Hac Sri Lanka 
Shelf Life: 2 years under recommended storage condition 
Minimum Order Quantity: 
Payment Method:  
Supply Type: Exporters/ Suppliers/ Wholesalers/ Retailers/ Manufacturers  
Method: Air/ sea 

Sri Lankan Virgin Coconut Oil 
  - As one of the world’s largest coconut exporters, the Sri Lankan coconut-based industry is diverse and multi-faceted. Sri Lanka is the world's fourth-largest supplier of coconut products. The white meat of freshly harvested coconuts is dried, cold-pressed, and micro-filtered to yield high-grade oil with unsurpassed clarity, fragrance, and flavor. In this interaction, no synthetic chemicals or blanching are used. 
Feel the Difference 
  - The product was very recently discovered and introduced as a substitute for traditional coconut oil extracted from copra. Coconut oil's benefits for cosmetics and beauty applications are well-known. Most coconut oils, on the other hand, are produced using a low-quality, conventional method. Many cosmetic and health-care consumers complain about a greasy, petroleum-like feeling, as well as an unpleasant odor and taste. Experience the difference of this virgin coconut oil from conventional coconut oil. 
Delicious and best fragrance 
 - Fresh coconuts are used to make our pure coconut oil, which has a rich flavor and aroma. When frozen, high-quality virgin coconut oil should be snow-white, and when liquid, it should look like water. The aroma and flavor of premium virgin coconut oil is coconutty. 
Commitment to Quality 
  - This product is made entirely of natural ingredients and has been cultivated and processed according to Organic principles and standard regulatory requirements. 
100% Pure Product 
  - No natural or artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, additives, or any chemical enhancers are blended or infused in this product.  
  - Vegetarian, vegan, raw, whole food, paleo, ketogenic, and gluten-free diets all benefit from it. Beautiful, thick, and shiny hair, as well as soft, supple skin. Vitamin E and necessary fatty acids are abundant. Blemishes, dark spots on the face, wrinkles, age spots, and stretch marks can all be reduced with this product. For supple, youthful-looking skin, use as a daily moisturizer. 
Proven Health Benefits 
  - Virgin Coconut Oil is high in Lauric acid, a strong biochemical that can help improve the immune system and heal everything from minor allergies to life-threatening illnesses. Virgin coconut oil made from coconut kernels is excellent at keeping microorganisms out of the digestive tract. It contains a significant amount of Caprylic acid, which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and organisms in the gut. 
Saturated fat is abundant in virgin coconut oil, which assists weight loss. And also a rich source of vitamin E, which promotes skin cell generation and helps to generate an anti-bacterial layer on the skin when applied externally 
  - Our attractive, safe and variety of packing under hygienic environment to meet food safety requirements keeps essentially the contents fresh, good tasting and flavoring. Customer packaging recommendations are also welcome. 

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