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Coconut Butter


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Summary: Organic coconut butter  
Product Form: Semi Solid  
Size: 500 ml      
Weight: 1100 g            
Country: Sri Lanka      
Cultivation Type: Organic     
Storage: Cool dry place      
Shelf Life: 24 months   
Minimum Order Quantity:      
Payment Method:       
Supply Type: Exporters/ Suppliers/ Wholesalers/ Retailers/ Manufacturers       
Method: Air/ sea      

Coconut tree; the tree of life    
  - The history of the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera), which is common in Sri Lanka, is linked with the way of life there. So Sri Lanka is a country blessed with naturally abundant coconut trees-the tree of life.
Coconut Butter      
  - The body needs daily amounts of the minerals and phytonutrients found in coconuts. There is a lot of fiber in it. The heart-healthy medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), of which more than 56% is lauric acid, make up more than 90% of coconut butter. When added to frozen goods, it dissolves in hot water but forms a thick coating of coconut butter, making it a healthy non-GMO, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free and lactose-free alternative that is also ideal for vegans.
- Butter process begins by collecting the ripe kernel and dividing it down the middle. Then it is dried on a burner or in the sun. The very small-fragmented copra is next used to extract the oil, leaving behind a fine paste. More oil is then extracted from this paste using a hydraulic press. Edible coconut butter remains after the oil has been removed by filtering.
Superior Quality    
  - This product is made entirely of natural ingredients and has been cultivated and processed according to the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and standard regulatory requirements.       
100% Pure Product

 - This product is made with 100% natural organic coconut, no preservatives, no additives, no artificial flavor or color


 - Cooking as an ingredient, spreading and salad dressing, 

 - Frying ,baking, confectionary items as a spread or simply eat off the spoon and can be used in ice cream bars, granola bars and in vegan baked dishes.       

Proven health benefits

  • Regular consumption of coconut butter enables the body to get the good fats it needs, particularly lauric acid which turns into energy and actively fights off stomach infections, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and osteoporosis.
  • Immunity is also improved by coconut butter which stands out next to breastmilk, which is the most well-known source of lauric acid for a newborn, because of its high lauric acid content.
  • Coconut butter contains medium -chain fatty acids, which are simpler to digest. As a result, it lessens inflammation and it makes for an excellent dietary supplement for those with Crohn's disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and gallbladder illness. Cancer can also be treated with its help.
  • Coconut butter is a fantastic moisturizer for skin and hair and offers vitamins along with much-needed moisture and protection

 - Our appealing and safe packaging in a hygienic environment to meet food safety regulations preserves the contents essentially fresh, good tasting and scented.





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