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Ceylon Black Tea with Ceylon Cinnamon - 200g


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Summary: Pure Ceylon black tea, Ceylon cinnamon pieces     
Product Form: Loose leaf   
Size: 200g (Pouch)  
Net weight:  200g 
Country: Sri Lanka      
Cultivation Type: Organic/ Natural      
Type: Pouch 
Storage: store in a cool dry place      
Shelf Life: Best before three years 
Minimum Order Quantity:      
Payment Method:       
Supply Type: Exporters/ Suppliers/ Wholesalers/ Retailers/ Manufacturers       
Method: Air/ sea      

Ceylon Black tea
-The Camellia sinensis plant, which is a kind of tiny tree or evergreen shrub in the Theaceae family and whose leaves and leaf buds are used to make "Tea," produces black tea. Compared to other teas like green, oolong, or white tea, which are significantly less oxidized, black tea has undergone full oxidation. The most popular and extensively eaten type of tea worldwide is black tea.
Cinnamon tea        
  The authentic flavour of Ceylon's classic cup of black tea is enhanced by a spicy Cinnamon flavour. Ideal for iced tea or hot beverages at any time of day. Deliciously decadent spicy medium-bodied tea with a complex flavour profile.
Premium Quality       
  - This product is made entirely of natural ingredients and has been cultivated and processed according to the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and standard regulatory requirements.       
Positive Health Benefits            
 Cinnamon has numerous health benefits that make it an excellent addition to a healthy diet. Cinnamon has been shown to aid in the reduction of inflammation and the relief of pain. Cinnamon can aid in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases as well as the reduction of harmful cholesterol. A cup of cinnamon tea is a quick and easy way to improve your cardiovascular health.
Brewing method  
-Boil clean water at 100 'c  
-Place your tea spoon in a cup  
-Pour 1 cup of hot water or on top of the tea bag  
-Steep it for 3 minutes  
-Enjoy your tea  
- Our attractive and safe packing under hygienic environment to meet food safety requirements keeps essentially the contents fresh, good tasting and flavoring.                 

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