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Bee honey with Ceylon Cinnamon Flavor

Price displayed per 300 grams              
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Summary: Sri Lankan pure bee honey and Ceylon cinnamon powder     
Product Form: semi liquid        
color of product: Deep red       
Country: Sri Lanka            
Cultivation Type: Organic/ Natural            
Type: Glass jars          
Storage: Cool dry place            
Shelf Life: at least 12 months      
Minimum Order Quantity:            
Payment Method:             
Supply Type: Exporters/ Suppliers/ Wholesalers/ Retailers/ Manufacturers             
Method: Air/ sea            

Sri Lankan pure bee honey and Ceylon cinnamon powder    
- Two natural compounds with several health advantages are honey and cinnamon. They form the foundation of Ayurvedic treatment and are a formidable force when combined. Ceylon cinnamon, commonly referred to as true cinnamon, is uncommon and gives this mixture an additional sweet flavor.            
Superior Quality           
- This product has an excellent because of the variety of trees and plants that bees collect pollen from, Sri Lankan they are totally natural and have grown and processed in accordance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and standard regulatory criteria.          
100% Pure and Fresh Produce  
- Contains only pure, filtered, unprocessed, and unpasteurized bee honey that was obtained from a network of bee keepers in Sri Lanka.           
Proven Health Benefits  
- Both honey and cinnamon have potent anti-inflammatory effects that can help heal gum disease and prevent tooth infection. To maintain the health of your mouth, regularly apply a paste of honey and cinnamon to your teeth and gums. The paste can aid in limiting the growth of dangerous bacteria in the mouth without making your mouth smell terrible.   
- Our appealing and safe packaging in a hygienic environment to meet food safety regulations preserves the contents essentially fresh, better tasting, and scented.          


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